Delta 25Kw DC wallbox charger
The Delta 25kW DC Wallbox Charger represents an energy-efficient and high-performance solution for electric vehicle charging. With an impressive output power of up to 25kW and an efficiency rate of 94%, this charger ensures a fast and reliable charging experience...
R 200,491.21
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Delta 50kW DC charging, 2 x CC2, 5m Cable
EV Smart Charging Solution The DC Wallbox 50 kW represents a cutting-edge charging solution tailored specifically for commercial sites, offering a range of features and benefits that cater to the evolving needs of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. First and...
R 389,747.54
Delta AC Mini Plus EV Charger, 1P, 7.2kW, T2 socket, RFID, 3G/Ethernet
  Delta AC Mini Plus EV Charger: Modern Efficiency and Robust Performance Unlock a new era of electric vehicle charging with the Delta AC Mini Plus EV Charger. Designed to harmonize form and function, this cutting-edge charger combines sleek aesthetics...
R 20,567.04
Delta DC Rectifier module, 25kW for UFC Slim 100
The Delta DC Rectifier Module, 25kW, tailored for the UFC Slim 100, represents a cutting-edge solution for efficient and reliable power conversion in industrial and commercial settings. Engineered with precision and advanced technology, this rectifier module is designed to meet...
R 140,248.89
Delta DCWB Pedestal for Delta 50kW Wallbox
Delta DCWB Pedestal Please note this does not include the DELTA 50KW DC Charger. The Delta DCWB Pedestal is a robust and versatile accessory designed to complement the Delta 50kW Wallbox, enhancing its functionality and convenience for electric vehicle (EV)...
R 27,386.91
Delta EV Fast charger, 100kW, 920VDC, 2xCCS2 guns
> The SLIM 100 EV Charger Efficient Charging Solution and Seamless System Integration The SLIM 100 excels in providing efficient charging services with complete system integration. It accommodates simultaneous charging for three vehicles, offering two DC quick charging points with...
R 587,747.36
Delta EV Fast charger, 50kW, 920VDC, 2xCCS2 guns
This is the SLIM 50 range to upgrade to the 75kW / 100kW add on the rectifiers (EV-SLIM-25KW-REC). The SLIM 50 offers a maximum power output of 50 kW (MAX. 100kW) and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. It provides...
R 465,746.09
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