Wallbox Installation pack power B002 MID kit, monophase meter
The Wallbox Installation Pack Power B002 MID kit, featuring a single-phase meter, exemplifies the commitment to accurate energy measurement and transparent billing in electric vehicle charging. This kit incorporates MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved electricity meters, which have undergone rigorous...
R 2,162.99
Wallbox Power boost, 1-phase meter
Always charge at the highest speed possible, based on your home’s real-time power demand. When a lot of appliances are turned on, Power Boost slows your charge to stay within your grid’s power capacity. When one or more of those...
R 2,044.91
EVBox Combipole (on the ground), 1400mm
EVBox creates adaptable and expandable electric vehicle charging solutions suitable for commercial, retail, and residential settings. With a commitment to advancing electric mobility accessibility, EVBox has aided numerous forward-looking enterprises in adopting more eco-friendly approaches for over a decade.The term...
R 2,382.67
Sold Out
Wallbox Installation pack power B003 MID kit, triphase meter
Three-phase energy meter with backlit LCD display with integrated touch keypad. Particularly indicated for active energy metering and for cost allocation in MID applications up to 65 A (direct connection), with dual tariff management availability. It can measure imported and...
R 4,787.72
Wallbox Installation Pack Cable holder, Black
The Wallbox Installation Pack Cable Holder is a practical accessory designed to support your charging system by effectively organising your charging cables. Crafted from durable aluminium material, this Cable Holder is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings....
R 751.79
Wallbox 3G/4G dongle
Get the 3G/4G module to have mobile broadband connection with your charger. It is compatible with the mini SIM card(not included) so you can choose the data plan that best suits your needs.
R 2,396.26
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