Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter, 6kW, 30A AC
  Synapse Advanced Hybrid Inverter: 6kW, 30A The 6kW Hybrid Inverter Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter is a state-of-the-art solar energy management system that brings together cutting-edge technology and advanced features to optimize the utilization of renewable energy. With a power...
R 19,559.44 R 16,964.82
Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter, 8kW, 40A AC
  Synapse Advanced Hybrid Inverter: 8kW, 40A The Synapse Ultra S6-EH1P8K-L-PRO series hybrid inverter is an advanced power hybrid inverter with a power rating of 8kW and a maximum current capacity of 40A. It boasts numerous outstanding features that cater...
R 26,893.31 R 23,327.91
Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter, 5kW, 25A AC
  Synapse Advanced Hybrid Inverter: 5kW, 25A The 5kW Hybrid Inverter Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter is an advanced and versatile solar energy management system designed to optimize the utilization of renewable energy sources. With a power rating of 5 kilowatts...
R 18,084.48
Synapse 3.0+ Offgrid inverter, 60A MPPT, 24VDC, 3kW
Synapse Off-grid Inverters: Your Ideal Solution for Off-Grid Power Systems Synapse Off-grid Inverters are engineered with the installer in mind. Featuring a unique operational system and built-in MPPT technology for seamless integration of solar capabilities, these inverters are a top...
R 5,696.01 R 5,231.03
Synapse 3.0V+ Offgrid inverter, pure sine wave, 24VDC, 2.4kW
Synapse Off-grid Inverters: Empowering Your Solar Installations This inverter comes equipped with a unique operating system and a built-in MPPT for solar applications. In addition, there is an optional AC input that will allow a battery bank to be charged...
R 3,700.41 R 3,208.25
Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, 48VDC, 5000W, 80A MPPT
Experience the power and convenience of the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter: our unique operating system and built-in MPPT enable you to harness the power of the sun, while the optional AC input allows you to easily switch between grid or...
R 10,109.13 R 8,876.46
Synapse 5.0+ Offgrid inverter, 80A MPPT, 48VDC, 5kW
Synapse Offgrid Inverters: Comes equipped with a unique operating system and a built-in MPPT for solar applications. In addition, there is an optional AC input that will allow a battery bank to be charged by a grid or generator connection. These units...
R 8,038.38 R 7,383.40
Synapse 7.2M+ Offgrid inverter, 8kW dual MPPT, 7.2kW, 48VDC
Synapse Offgrid Inverters: The Synapse 7.2M+ off-grid inverter is a high-power, full-featured inverter that is designed to operate independently of the grid. It features a unique operating system, dual MPPTs for solar applications, and the ability to operate in parallel for higher...
R 17,550.99 R 12,788.27
Enphase IQ8 Microinverter, high power, 230V
The Enphase IQ8 Microinverter epitomises innovation in the field of solar energy technology, offering outstanding performance and reliability for residential and commercial solar installations. Designed for high-power applications at 230V, it establishes a new standard for efficiency and adaptability in...
R 1,939.54
Solis Inverter 5G, 3-phase, 9 MPPT, DC, PID, 80kW
Solis Three Phase Inverters The 80 kW three-phase series string inverter is designed to efficiently convert DC power from solar panels into AC power. It features nine Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) units for precise energy optimization, ensuring consistent performance...
R 67,734.59
Synapse UPS, pure sine wave, 24VDC/230VAC, 1000W
Synapse 1000w UPS Inverter: The Synapse 1000w UPS is designed to work and protect electronic appliances and serves as a backup device in extremely hostile power environments. It comes with an AC input that allows the battery bank to be...
R 2,151.47 R 1,891.45
Synapse 5.0KRM+ Offgrid inverter, rack mount, 48VDC, 5kW
Synapse Offgrid Inverters Comes equipped with a unique operating system and a built-in MPPT for solar applications. In addition, there is an optional AC input that will allow a battery bank to be charged by a grid or generator connection. These units...
R 9,907.69
Deye Hybrid Inverter, 8kW, 1 phase, 48V, 2 MPPT
Deye single-phase inverter is an excellent choice for residential application thanks to its compact size and local LCD display, buttons. Also, with a built-in zero-export function (external CT is needed), it offers true ease and comfort for PV system operators...
R 37,127.62 R 30,969.66
GoodWe Hybrid inverter, 3-phase, 10kW
ET series is a three-phase high voltage The Goodwe ET series is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that enables enhanced energy independence and maximizes self-consumption through export limit feature and time of use shifts for reduced electricity bills.Covering...
R 33,740.55 R 30,733.71
GoodWe Grid tied inverter, 1-phase, 2 MPPT, Wifi, 3.6kW
GoodWe’s DNS series is a single-phase on-grid inverter with excellent compact size, comprehensive software and hardware technology. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the DNS series offers high efficiency and class-leading functionality, IP65 dustproofing and waterproofing and...
R 13,097.90 R 10,478.32
Synapse 5kW Hybrid Inverter, 48V, IP65 White
The Synapse Hybrid is a high-performance solar-battery hybrid inverter for homes. Synapse Hybrid can operate in both on-grid and off-grid modes, which is ideal for all the areas whether there is grid or not. Features Natural Convection IP 65 for...
R 22,472.21 R 17,478.38
Synapse Mounting kit for all-in-one, centre cover, 5kWH/5kW.
Introducing the Synapse Mounting Kit for All-in-One, Centre Cover, 5kWH/5kW Systems - Your Ultimate Installation Solution! The Synapse All-in-One Kit has been meticulously crafted to streamline your installation process and provide unmatched durability. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing...
R 921.21
GoodWe Smart DT inverter, 3-phase, 9600 8kW
Smart DT Series  The GoodWe Smart DT series inverter is specially designed for three-phase home solar systems, covering a wide power range of 4kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW and 15kW. The integrated two MPPTs allow two-array inputs from different...
R 17,827.82
GoodWe Grid tied inverter, 3-phase, 3 MPPT, Wifi, 25kW
GoodWe’s brand new SMT series of inverter is ideal for medium and large-scale commercial rooftop installations, providing a maximum efficiency of 98.8 percent and up to three MPPT routes for particular environments. With a weight of just 40 kg and...
R 33,476.38
Goodwe Grid tied inverter, 10 MPPT, AC + DC, 3-phase, 100kW
The new HT 1100 Vdc Series (73-136 kW) is GoodWe's new string inverter for C&I and small utility projects. The HT series offers up to 12 MPPTs, and is compatible with bifacial modules, with a higher threshold of DC current...
R 72,498.72
GoodWe Grid tied inverter, 1-phase, 1 MPPT, Wifi, 2kW
NS (Single-MPPT, Single-Phase)  GoodWe NS series inverter adopts cutting-edge technology in photovoltaic fields, designed under modern industrial concept. Inheriting all the excellent traits from GoodWe SS and DS series, the NS series is much smarter in size and weight. It...
R 6,288.19
Deye Hybrid Inverter, 1 phase, 2 MPPT, 48V, 5kW
Deye Single-Phase String Inverter is part of the series of on-grid inverter power, specifically designed for residential rooftop applications. It comes with 2 MPP tracker, the max. efficiency up to 97.5%. Applicable to string intelligent monitoring single alignment and multiple...
R 21,517.61 R 18,012.99
Deye Hybrid inverter, 1-phase, 2 MPPT, 16K, 220/230VAC, 16000W
The DEYE Hybrid Inverter stands as a technological powerhouse, offering an array of advanced features that redefine energy management and consumption. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of residential and commercial settings, this single-phase inverter. Unbalanced Output Handling: The...
R 51,823.56
Goodwe Hybrid inverter, 1 phase, 4 MPPT, HV battery, 8.6kW
EHB Series is a single-phase hybrid inverter specially designed to meet the increasing energy storage needs from the residential segment. It is the ultimate integrated multi-function system, follows a Plug & Play design and has an external communication connector, making...
R 28,875.85 R 22,378.79
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