Tesla Powerwall 2 AC, 14kWH, 5kW
  The Tesla Powerwall is indeed a fully-integrated AC battery system designed for residential or light commercial use. It serves as an energy storage solution for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup power. The Powerwall features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery...
R 113,114.66
Tesla Powerwall 2 gateway
Tesla Powerwall 2 gateway
Backup Gateway 2 for Tesla Powerwall provides energy management and monitoring for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup operation. When the Powerwall system is in Backup mode, Backup Gateway 2 controls connection to the grid, automatically detecting outages and providing...
R 19,580.87
Tesla Multi-Powerwall stack kit
The Stack Kit for Tesla Powerwall joins two floor-mounted Powerwall units in front-to-back multi-Powerwall installations. Side clips and a top cover secure the units and prevent debris from failling between them. An optional bridge assembly conceals wire runs between the...
R 2,783.97
Tesla Powerwall connect 3x6.0 + 2 x data + 12V cable
POWERWALL Connect – AC-AC Battery Cable The cable encompasses the power conductors, 12V supply and data cables, supplying a complete solution for Powerwall installations. Approved by Tesla.
R 239.93
Tesla PW2 Accessory bag
Tesla PW2 Accessory bag
Powerwall 2 accessory bag comes with Powerwall 2 and cannot be ordered seperately.
R 1.95
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Tesla Wall Connector AC charger, type 2, 7m cable, 32A
Tesla Wall Connector lets you plug your vehicle in overnight and start your day fully charged. The Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses, apartments, hospitality properties and workplaces. With up to 71 km of range added...
R 12,266.67
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