Bussmann Fuse holder, modular, indicator, 1-pole, 1000VDC, 30A

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Experience superior protection and peace of mind with Cooper Bussmann's 30A rail mount fuse holder. Its modular design ensures reliability and safety, while its indicator light keeps you informed of any overloads. Let this top-tier fuse holder help you safeguard your applications and protect yourself.

Rail mount fuse holders are used in various applications to protect electrical equipment from overloads and short circuits. They are commonly used in industrial settings, transportation, and automation systems. These fuse holders provide a secure and reliable way to protect your electrical equipment from damage caused by electrical surges.

One of the main advantages of rail mount fuse holders is their modular design. This feature allows for easy installation and replacement of fuses, which helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, rail mount fuse holders are designed with safety in mind, providing a secure and protective environment for your electrical equipment.

Some rail mount fuse holders also come equipped with indicator lights, which provide real-time information about the status of the fuse. This feature helps you quickly identify any overloads or issues that may require attention, allowing you to take action before any damage occurs.

Overall, rail mount fuse holders are an excellent choice for those looking to protect their electrical equipment from damage and ensure reliable operation. When choosing a rail mount fuse holder, be sure to consider the specific needs of your application and select a product that meets those requirements.

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Bussmann Fuse holder is utilized in the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Small Commercial (0 - 50kW)
  • Large Commercial
Fuse Holder Type:
Fuse Size:
10 x 38mm
Current Rating:
Voltage Rating:
1000V DC
Number of Poles:
Case Material:
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Includes indicator for fuse status
Rail Type:
DIN Rail mountable
Terminal Type:
Screw terminals
Standards Met:
CCC, CSA, IEC 60269-1, UL, UL 4248-18Series CH
Bussmann Fuse holder, modular, indicator, 1-pole, 1000VDC, 30A
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