Bussmann Fuse holder, 1-pole, 1500VDC, 32A, 10 x 85mm

Solar PV Balance Of System

Bussmann® series 10 x 85 mm fuse holder is suitable for use with 10 x 85 mm and 14 x 85 mm cylindrical gPV fuse links. The unique design offers high degree of safety. There is no possibility of any accidental contact with live parts during replacement of the fuse links. When the fuse carrier is in the extracted position the carrier covers the live parts hence protecting against any accidental contact.


  • Suitable for 10 x 85 and 14 x 85 mm gPV cylindrical fuse links
  • Global accreditation
  • Current rating: 32 A for IEC and UL
Number of Poles:
Rated Voltage:
1500 V DC
Rated Current:
32 A (IEC and UL rated)
Rated Isolation Voltage Ui:
1500 V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp:
12 kV (Tested at 18.5 kV)
Rated Breaking Capacity Icc:
50 kA
Maximum Permitted Ambient Temperature:
Service Conditions:
Compliant with IEC 61439-1, Up to Pollution Degree 3
Degree of Protection:
Suitable for 35 mm DIN-Rail
Bussmann Fuse holder, 1-pole, 1500VDC, 32A, 10 x 85mm
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