Bussmann Solar fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 12A, 10 x 38mm

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The Bussmann Solar Fuse is a high-performance protective component specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Engineered to safeguard against overcurrent conditions in solar power installations, this fuse ensures reliable and efficient operation of your solar panels and associated equipment. With a rating of 1000VDC and 12A, it is optimized for high-voltage DC applications, making it a critical component for modern solar energy systems.

High Voltage Rating:

Rated at 1000VDC, the Bussmann Solar Fuse is suitable for use in high-voltage photovoltaic systems, ensuring robust protection for your solar installations.

Current Rating:

With a current rating of 12A, this fuse provides precise overcurrent protection, preventing potential damage to solar panels and associated electrical components.

Compact Size:

Measuring 10 x 38mm, the fuse's compact dimensions make it easy to integrate into a variety of PV system configurations without requiring significant space.

gPV Classification:

Specifically designed for photovoltaic applications, the gPV classification indicates that this fuse meets stringent requirements for protecting PV systems from overcurrent conditions.

Reliable Protection:

Ensures the longevity and safety of your solar power system by protecting against overcurrent conditions that could potentially lead to system failure or fire hazards.

Durable Construction:

Built with high-quality materials to withstand the demanding conditions of outdoor solar installations, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Easy Installation:

Designed for straightforward installation, making it convenient for technicians and system integrators to deploy in various PV setups.

Industry Compliance:

Meets relevant international standards and certifications for photovoltaic fuses, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and safety norms.


  • Photovoltaic Panels: Ideal for protecting solar panels from overcurrent situations, enhancing their operational lifespan and efficiency.
  • Solar Inverters: Provides crucial protection for inverters in PV systems, ensuring stable and reliable energy conversion.
  • Battery Storage Systems: Safeguards batteries in solar energy storage applications, preventing overcurrent damage and enhancing system safety.
  • DC Combiner Boxes: Suitable for use in combiner boxes where multiple solar panel outputs are consolidated, providing centralized overcurrent protection.

The Bussmann Solar Fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 12A, 10 x 38mm, is an essential component for anyone looking to optimize the safety and efficiency of their photovoltaic system. Its high voltage and current ratings, combined with its compact size and robust construction, make it an ideal choice for protecting a wide range of solar power applications. Ensure your solar installations are safeguarded against overcurrent risks with the reliable protection offered by this high-quality fuse.

Rubicon Sustainable Technology Applications

Bussmann Solar fuse, is utilized in the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Small Commercial (0 - 50kW)
  • Large Commercial
Voltage Rating
Current Rating
Fuse Type
GPV (Photovoltaic)
Fuse Dimensions (L/D x H)
10 x 38mm
Product Weight
9.4 grams
RoHS Compliant
CSA Certified, IEC Rated, UL Listed (UL 2579)
CCC Marked, CE Marked
Bussmann Solar fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 12A, 10 x 38mm
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