Citel DAC50-31-275 SPD, type 2, AC, 3P+N, 230/400V

Control Panel

The pluggable surge protectors Type 2 DAC50, are designed to protect AC powerline at the main switchboard of the installation. These SPDs are based on high energy varistor equipped with thermal disconnector and failure indicator, to comply with standards and to provide a maximum protection efficiency, an high impulse current capability and a improved reliability. The surge protectors DAC50 are available in multipolar version and in several voltages to protect single or 3-phase networks

Citel AC and DC surge protection

Citel AC and DC Surge Protection Training

This course teaches you about Citel surge protectors. The course will teach you about the importance of surge protectors, where to connect them and which surge protectors are best for what situation.

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SPD Type:
230/400 V 3-Phase+N
AC System:
Max. AC Operating Voltage:
275 Vac
Nominal Discharge Current:
20 kA
Max. Discharge Current:
50 kA
Protection Mode(s):
L/N and N/PE
Protection Level L/N:
1.25 kV
Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Characteristic - 5 Sec.:
335 Vac Withstand
Admissible Short-Circuit Current:
50,000 A
Citel DAC50-31-275 SPD, type 2, AC, 3P+N, 230/400V
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