Trucking end cap, double, black

Cable & Cable Management

Rubicon Trucking end cap, double, black or compartment trunking is the go-to in the commercial or industrial applications around buildings when dealing with cable management solutions. An end caps main function is to close off the installed trunking to ensure the prevention of wires being exposed, and prevents unwanted objects getting. The end cap simply clicks onto the end of the trunking.

Polyvinylchloride is prepared by chlorination of PVC resign. The hight chlorine content imparts high durability, chemical stability and flame retardancy. Furthermore, Polyvinylchloride is able to easily withstand a wider range of temperatures. From and electrical perspective PVC is a great insulation material due to the dieletric strength.

Product Type:
Trucking End Cap
Double end cap (covers both ends or sides)
Typically made from durable plastic or similar material
Trucking end cap, double, black
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