Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, 48VDC, 5000W, 80A MPPT

Solar PV Inverters

Experience the power and convenience of the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter: our unique operating system and built-in MPPT enable you to harness the power of the sun, while the optional AC input allows you to easily switch between grid or generator for added flexibility. Discover the freedom you get with the Synapse!

Off-grid inverters, such as the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, are designed to convert the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power that can be used to power your home or business. These inverters are typically used in off-grid solar energy systems that are not connected to the utility grid.

One of the main advantages of off-grid inverters is their ability to provide power to remote locations where grid power is not available. With the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, you can harness the power of the sun and use it to power your home or business, even in remote locations. Additionally, the built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology optimizes the output of your solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency and power output.

Another benefit of the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter is its flexibility. With the optional AC input, you can easily switch between grid or generator power as needed, providing added flexibility and convenience. This makes it easier to ensure that you always have power when you need it, regardless of the circumstances.

Overall, off-grid inverters like the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter are an excellent choice for those looking to harness the power of the sun and live off the grid. When selecting an off-grid inverter for your system, it is essential to consider your specific power needs and choose a product that meets those requirements.

These units are not capable of feeding back into the grid. Perfect for a start-up system and a valuable investment for businesses that prioritize reliability and resilience in their operations.


  • Pure Sine wave inverter
  • Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance
  • Assembled with an internal anti-dust kit for harsh environments. 

Synapse Off-grid inverter: Where Performance Meets Reliability. To calculate your energy needs, visit the Synapse official website.

Pair up the Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter with NEX 4 or 5 string Combiner Box

The Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, featuring a power capacity of 5000W and an 80A MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), is an exceptional choice for off-grid power systems. When paired with the Nex Combiner, which offers a type 2 Surge Protection Device (SPD), a DC isolator, and accommodates either 4 or 5 strings with a maximum voltage of 150VDC, you have a truly remarkable pairing. The inverter's high capacity and advanced MPPT technology ensure optimal power generation and management, while the Nex Combiner provides essential safety features like surge protection and the flexibility to manage multiple strings efficiently. This combination not only enhances energy production but also safeguards your system against voltage surges and provides the flexibility to scale your solar array, making it an excellent choice for reliable and sustainable off-grid power solutions in the UK. Click here, to add the Nex 4 string Combiner Box to your order now. Alternatively, add the Nex 5 string Combiner Box.

The product conforms to the following compliance standards:

Rubicon- EPR Compliant | Rubicon Partner Portal

Rated Power:
230V AC
Surge Power:
Transfer Time:
20ms for home appliances
Pure sine wave
Battery Voltage:
48V DC
Max PV Array Power:
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage:
60 ~ 115V DC
Max Solar Charger Current:
Synapse 5.0K+ Offgrid inverter, 48VDC, 5000W, 80A MPPT
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