Synapse Stack kit for Synapse 3.55kWH battery, 2/pck


Introducing the Synapse Stack Kit – Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Battery Stacking with the Synapse 3.55kWH Battery!

Are you looking to maximise the potential of your Synapse 3.55kWH battery system? Look no further! The Synapse Stack Kit is the perfect companion to streamline your energy storage setup.

With the Synapse Stack Kit, you can effortlessly stack your battery modules without the need for a traditional 19" rack. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations and hello to simplicity and convenience. This kit is designed to make your battery stacking experience a breeze.

What's included in the kit?

Two Brackets: The Synapse Stack Kit comes with two brackets designed to be used together on a single battery. These sturdy brackets ensure that your batteries are securely stacked and ready to perform.

Why choose the Synapse Stack Kit?

Efficiency: No need for complicated rack systems. The Synapse Stack Kit streamlines the process, allowing you to stack your batteries effortlessly and save time during installation.

Convenience: The kit is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, making it suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. No more complex assembly or installations.

Customisation: You can purchase one set of the Synapse Stack Kit for each battery in your system, providing you with the flexibility to scale your energy storage setup according to your needs.

Get the most out of your Synapse 3.55kWH battery system by using the Synapse Stack Kit. Elevate your energy storage capabilities with this user-friendly solution. Enjoy a hassle-free installation process and peace of mind, knowing that your batteries are securely and efficiently stacked.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to simplify your energy storage system. Order your Synapse Stack Kit today and experience the convenience of seamless battery stacking like never before.

Synapse Stack kit: Where Performance Meets Reliability. To calculate your energy needs, visit the Synapse official website.

Synapse Stack kit for Synapse 3.55kWH battery, 2/pck
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