Bussmann Solar fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 10A, 10 x 38mm

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The Bussmann Solar Fuse, model gPV, is a high-performance photovoltaic fuse specifically designed to protect solar power systems. Rated at 1000VDC and 10A, this fuse ensures reliable overcurrent protection for your solar panels and associated circuitry, preventing damage and enhancing the safety and longevity of your solar power installation. The compact 10 x 38mm size makes it ideal for integration into various photovoltaic applications, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance.

High Voltage Rating:

Rated at 1000VDC, this fuse is designed to handle the high voltage levels typical in photovoltaic systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Current Rating:

With a 10A current rating, the fuse offers precise overcurrent protection, preventing potential damage to your solar power system components.

Photovoltaic Specific (gPV) Design:

Specially designed for photovoltaic applications, providing reliable protection tailored to the unique requirements of solar power systems.

Compact Size:

The 10 x 38mm size allows for easy integration into various solar power setups, making it versatile and convenient for different installation environments.

Reliable Performance:

Manufactured by Bussmann, a trusted name in circuit protection, ensuring high-quality performance and durability in demanding solar applications.

Enhanced Safety:

Protects solar panels and associated wiring from overcurrent conditions, reducing the risk of fire and equipment damage, and enhancing overall system safety.

Easy Installation:

Designed for straightforward installation, allowing for quick and hassle-free replacement or integration into existing systems.

Standards Compliance:

Complies with industry standards for photovoltaic fuses, ensuring reliable and standardised protection for your solar power systems.


  • Solar panel arrays
  • Photovoltaic string protection
  • Combiner boxes
  • Inverter protection
  • Solar power plants

The Bussmann Solar Fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 10A, 10 x 38mm, is an essential component for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your photovoltaic system, offering peace of mind through superior protection and reliability.

Voltage Rating
Current Rating
Fuse Type
GPV (Photovoltaic)
Fuse Dimensions (L/D x H)
10 x 38mm
Product Weight
9.4 grams
RoHS Compliant
CSA Certified, IEC Rated, UL Listed (UL 2579)
CCC Marked, CE Marked
Bussmann Solar fuse, gPV, 1000VDC, 10A, 10 x 38mm
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