Wallbox Power boost, 3-phase meter

Electric Vehicle Charging

Elevate Your Charging Experience with Wallbox Power Boost and 3-Phase Metering

Always charge at the highest speed possible, based on your home’s real-time power demand. When a lot of appliances are turned on, Power Boost slows your charge to stay within your grid’s power capacity. When one or more of those appliances turn off, Power Boost redirects that power to your EV once again. The result is an optimized charge for maximum efficiency and safety.

The dynamic charging load management module - Wallbox Power Boost three-phase - EM340 MID allows you to dynamically manage the charging of your Wallbox according to the power available in your electrical installation.

The product conforms to the following compliance standards:

Rubicon- ERP Compliant | Rubicon Partner Portal


Brand: Wallbox

Colour: Grey

Voltage: 230-415V

Power supply: Three phase

Guarantee: 2 years

Wallbox Power boost, 3-phase meter
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