Synapse Parallel kit for 5.0k+ inverters

Solar PV Balance Of System

The Synapse Parallel kit for 5.0k+ inverters allows for the installation of large single-phase and three-phase off-grid solar systems. With this kit, up to nine additional solar inverters/chargers can be added to an existing off-grid solar kit.

The kit includes a printed circuit board (PCB) that is installed inside the inverter, which enables communication with other inverters through RS232 cables and a pair of twisted leads. This communication allows for parallel operation of the inverters, which can increase the total power output and provide redundancy in case of a failure in one of the units.

Overall, the Synapse Parallel kit provides a flexible and scalable solution for off-grid solar systems, allowing for easy expansion and customization to meet changing energy needs over time.

Synapse Parallel kit for 5.0K+ inverter: Where Performance Meets Reliability. To calculate your energy needs, visit the Synapse official website.

Rubicon Sustainable Technology Applications

Synapse Parallel kit is utilized in the following areas:

  • Residential
  • Multiple inverters can be installed for more power and for three phase applications
Synapse 5.0K+ Training

Synapse 5.0K+ Training

This course will teach you all about Synapse 5.0K+ inverters. The benefits of this system, how to install this system, and how to commission this system once it is finished installed.

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Synapse Parallel kit for 5.0k+ inverters
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