Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter, 8kW, 40A AC

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Synapse Advanced Hybrid Inverter: 8kW, 40A

The Synapse Ultra S6-EH1P8K-L-PRO series hybrid inverter is an advanced power hybrid inverter with a power rating of 8kW and a maximum current capacity of 40A. It boasts numerous outstanding features that cater to the needs of residential and small commercial PV energy storage applications. From supporting high MPPT current input for efficient power extraction from solar panels to providing customizable charge and discharge time settings for enhanced control, this inverter offers flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. Additionally, its ability to support parallel operation and quick UPS-level switching time further enhances its suitability for various power capacity requirements and ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages. With a high charge-discharge current capacity and intelligent monitoring features, the Synapse Ultra series hybrid inverter provides a robust and intelligent solution for effective PV energy storage.  It also comes with a 10 year warranty and 24hr RMA swop out process.

Synapse Advanced power hybrid inverter, 8kW - Rubicon Partner Portal

Key features:

  • Advanced Power Hybrid Inverters that offer a range of advanced features.
  • Automatic UPS switching for seamless power backup and switching.
  • Up to 190A maximum charge/discharge current for efficient energy management.
  • 6 customizable charge/discharge time settings for personalized control.
  • 10-second 200% surge power backup overload capability for handling high-power demands.
  • Supports 1ph and 3ph flexible connections with a maximum of 36kW in parallel for versatile setups.
  • Enables peak shaving control in both "self-use" and "generator" mode to optimize power consumption.
  • Generator connectivity with multiple input methods and automatic generator On/Off control for added convenience.
  • Compatible with both lead-acid and lithium batteries, incorporating multiple battery protection features for enhanced safety.

Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter: Where Performance Meets Reliability. To calculate your energy needs, visit the Synapse official website.

The product conforms to the following compliance standards:

Rubicon- EPR Compliant | Rubicon Partner Portal
Compliance Badge | Apex - City of Cape Town Compliant | Rubicon Partner Portal

Input DC (PV side)

Recommended max. PV power:
12.8 kW
Rated voltage:
330 V
MPPT voltage range:
90-500 V
Max. short circuit current:
36 A / 30 A
Max. input voltage:
600 V
Start-up voltage:
90 V
Max. input current:
32 A / 20 A
MPPT number/
Max. input strings number:


Max. input current:
32 A / 20 A
MPPT number/Max. input strings number:
Battery type:
Li-ion / Lead-acid
Battery voltage range:
40-60 V
Max. charge / discharge power:
8 kW
Max. charge / discharge current:
190 A

Output AC (Grid side)

Rated output power:
8 kW
Max. apparent output power:
8.8 kVA
Operation phase:
Rated grid voltage:
220 V / 230 V
Rated frequency:
50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated grid output current:
36.4 A / 34.8 A
Max. output current:
40 A
Power factor:
>0.99 (0.8 leading - 0.8 lagging)

Input AC (Grid side)

Input voltage range:
187-253 V
Max. input current:
50 A
Frequency range:
45-55 Hz / 55-65 Hz


Max. efficiency:
> 97.5%
EU efficiency:
> 96.2%

General Data

Dimensions (W*H*D):
406*560*215 mm
27 kg
Operating ambient temperature range:
-40 ~ +60°C
Ingress protection:
Cooling concept:
Intelligent redundant fan-cooling

Grid connection standard | Safety/EMC standard:

NRS 097-2-1, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 60068, IEC 61683, EN 50530, MEA, PEA | IEC/EN 62109-1/-2, EN 61000-6-2/-3
Synapse Ultra hybrid inverter, 8kW, 40A AC
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