8kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit - used with Synapse Ultra Back Up ONLY Kits

8kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit



AC protection that counts

The 8kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit: Specifically designed for installations currently without PV panels, the 8kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit introduces a seamlessly integrated solution. This comprehensive kit includes essential components carefully crafted to enhance energy management and ensure a reliable power supply. Notably, it does not include the inverter, focusing solely on indispensable components like the AC protection box, fuse, and fuse holder. Emphasising efficiency and simplicity, this thoughtfully curated package serves as a tailored solution for those looking to establish the groundwork for solar integration in their existing setups.

Rubicon | 6kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit

1) AC Protection box, 40A inverter input, 8kVA:

  • Function: The box is dedicated to the AC side of the solar power system, specifically the input to the inverter.  The following key components are included: as circuit breakers or fuses to safeguard the inverter and connected components from overcurrent or other electrical issues.

2) Pronutec Fuse Holder, 250A 3P, M10 Bolt, NH1:

  • Function: The Pronutec Fuse Holder is meticulously engineered to house NH1-type fuses, delivering a robust and secure solution for circuit protection. With a 250A 3P rating, this holder is adept at accommodating fuses rated at 250A and features a three-pole configuration for comprehensive circuit coverage. The inclusion of an M10 bolt ensures a reliable and sturdy connection within the electrical system, promoting both safety and efficiency. Specifically tailored for NH1 fuses, widely employed in low-voltage electrical installations, this Pronutec Fuse Holder plays a pivotal role in ensuring the dependable and secure operation of the circuit.

3) Flexgear DC Fuse, NH1, gR, 690VAC/DC, 50kA, 250A:

  • Function: This component serves as a DC fuse, providing protection against overcurrent in the circuit. The NH1 designation signifies a specific size of fuse links commonly used in low-voltage electrical installations. With a general-purpose (GR) fuse design, it ensures effective safeguarding of the DC circuit. The substantial 250A rating highlights its capability to handle currents up to that level, making it suitable for applications requiring higher current capacities.

In summary, each of these components plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the overall solar power system. They provide protection against overcurrents, isolate circuits when needed, and contribute to the overall functionality of the installation. The specific ratings and features of each component are chosen based on the requirements of the system and the devices they are meant to protect.

Kit components include:

A recommendation to please note. These bespoke components are specifically crafted to augment the functionality of the Synapse Ultra Energy Solutions Kit, designed for installations that do nor include PV/solar panels. When adding PV/Solar you will require a DC Protection Box.
8kW Synapse Ultra AC Protection Box Kit - used with Synapse Ultra Back Up ONLY Kits
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