6kW Synapse Ultra, Power 48V Core & Protection Boxes - PV & Battery Kit


Ideal for households with moderate solar energy needs.

The Trina Solar 420W Vertex S dual glass mono panel, the 6kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter, and the Synapse Lithium battery form a potent energy trio, maximising solar energy use while emphasising reliability.

At its core, the Trina Solar panel is durable and efficient, suitable for both residential and commercial installations, backed by minimal degradation over time. The Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter serves as the linchpin, seamlessly integrating solar panels, batteries, and the grid. It ensures reliable power delivery, even during outages, with a robust 10-year warranty and a unique 24-hour swap-out process that minimises downtime. Paired with the Synapse Lithium battery's high energy density and user-friendly features, this trio promises a greener future with long-term reliability.

Moreover, the Rubicon | 6kW Synapse Ultra AC _ DC Protection Box Kit provides essential safeguards, enhancing system integrity and functionality against overcurrents and other risks.

In essence, this trio optimises solar energy use while prioritising reliability, efficiency, and safety, empowering homeowners to embrace sustainability and resilience.


Rubicon | 6kW battery, 5kW Inverter 420Trina Ready to go Icon

Component synergy

Solar, generator and battery ready

Rubicon | 5kW Inverter with 5kWSynapse Battery 420W Trina Expandable Icon


Add an EXTRA panel or battery when you ready

Rubicon | 5kW Inverter with Synapse Battery 420W Trina Warranty Icon


Kit includes a 10 year warranty

5kW Inverter with Synapse Battery 420W Trina Power Icon

Warranted cycles

6000 cycles at 1C for the battery

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Solar panels

6 Solar panels included

Rubicon | 5kW Inverter with Synapse Battery Powers Icon 3

Harnessed Energy

Approx. 15kWh generation/day*


Rubicon |Trina Solar 420W | 5kW Inverter with Synapse Battery

Trina Solar 420W Vertex S dual glass mono panel, 144 cells

The Trina Solar 420W Vertex S is a compact, powerful solar panel with dual glass construction for enhanced durability and sustainability. Its minimal degradation ensures extended warranty coverage and improved output. This versatile panel suits both residential and commercial rooftops, boasting exceptional efficiency of 420W and 22.0% module efficiency. This kit includes 6x 420W Trina Panels.
Datasheet | Warranty

Rubicon | Synapse Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter, 5kW, 25A

6kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid inverter, advance power, 220V/230V, 30A

Introducing the Advanced Power 6kW Hybrid Inverter: a state-of-the-art solution for efficient solar energy utilisation, as well as comes with a 10-year Warranty on Synapse Ultra Inverters and 24hr RMA Inverter swop out process.. This hybrid inverter seamlessly integrates solar panels, batteries, and the grid, optimising energy consumption and production. With a robust 6kW power capacity and 30A maximum current capacity, it caters to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring reliable power delivery even during outages due to its UPS level switching time. Its ability to handle surge power overload and manage energy flow with a 135A charge/discharge capacity enhances performance. Intelligent protection functions guarantee safety by preventing overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit issues. The S6-EH1P6K-L-PRO series serves as a dependable residential PV energy storage solution, offering efficiency and reliability in seamlessly integrating renewable energy with storage, empowering a greener future. This kit includes 1x 6kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter.

Rubicon | Synapse Lithium battery, 5kW | 5kW Inverter with Synapse Battery

1x Synapse Lithium battery, 5kW

The Synapse Lithium Battery redefines power storage with its 5kW capacity, high energy density, and compact design. Boasting a 6000-cycle life or 10-year warranty, it ensures long-term reliability. Supporting usage up to 1C, it adapts to various applications, while a 24-hour RMA swap-out minimizes downtime. Its user-friendly design simplifies installation and maintenance, offering real-time performance insights. Safety is paramount with features like overcharge protection and thermal management. Committed to sustainability, it aligns with green initiatives, making it a revolutionary and reliable energy storage solution for homes and businesses.This kit includes 1x Synapse Lithium battery, 5kW.
Warranty | Datasheet

The Protection Box components include:

A recommendation to please note. These bespoke components are specifically crafted to augment the functionality of the Synapse Ultra Energy Solutions Kit.

AC/DC protection that counts

This kit is specifically crafted to function seamlessly when integrating solar panels into the energy solution. Ensuring the smooth inclusion of solar panels is crucial for long-term efficiency and safety. The essential components within the kit play a pivotal role in facilitating this integration and enhancing the overall strength of the energy system. Let's delve into the details of how these components contribute to a robust energy solution, especially when incorporating solar panels.

Rubicon | 6kW Synapse Ultra AC _ DC Protection Box Kit

1) DC Complete Protection Box, 2-string, 5&6KVA:

  • Function: This box does provide protection for the DC side of the solar power system. The following key components are included: surge protection, overcurrent protection, and other safeguards to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the DC components.

2) Pronutec NH00 BUC, 2-pole, 160A:

  • Function: This is a switch disconnector (BUC stands for Bipolar Unipolar Command), which means it can isolate the circuit manually. It's rated at 160A, indicating its capability to handle currents up to that level. NH00 refers to a specific size of fuse links, commonly used in low-voltage electrical installations.

3) Flexgear DC Fuse, NH00, gR, 690VAC/DC, 50kA, 160A:

  • Function: This is a DC fuse designed to protect the circuit from overcurrent. The NH00 designation refers to the specific size of fuse links, commonly utilized in low-voltage electrical installations. With a general-purpose (gR) fuse design, it ensures optimal protection for the DC circuit. The 160A rating indicates its capacity to handle currents up to that level.

4) AC Complete Protection box, 32A inverter input, 6kVA:

  • Function: The box is dedicated to the AC side of the solar power system, specifically the input to the inverter.  The following key components are included: as circuit breakers or fuses to safeguard the inverter and connected components from overcurrent or other electrical issues.

In summary, each of these components plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the overall solar power system. They provide protection against overcurrents, isolate circuits when needed, and contribute to the overall functionality of the installation. The specific ratings and features of each component are chosen based on the requirements of the system and the devices they are meant to protect.

Kit Disclaimer:

Your system excludes the mounting structure, cables, and balance of the system. Please refer to the "Frequently Bought Together" section below and ensure you add the correct quantity of items to complete the installed energy solution. To access the "Frequently Bought Together", kindly log in to your account. *Approx. kWh generation/day is subject to vary depending on season and weather.

6kW Synapse Ultra, Power 48V Core & Protection Boxes - PV & Battery Kit
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