Mitsubishi FR-D740-080-E12 3.7kW Solar VSD
Developed from their well known and highly respected FR-D series of industrial drives,the Mitsubishi pump drives are specially designed for solar water pumping.Their high reliability and proven track record ensures years of trouble free operation Simple operation• Easy Parameterisation• Integrated...
R 4,986.31
Mitsubishi FR-D740-120-E12 5.5kW Solar VSD
Mitsubishi introduces its cutting-edge pump drives, an evolution from their esteemed FR-D series of industrial drives. Specifically engineered for solar water pumping applications, these drives epitomise reliability, efficiency, and seamless functionality. With a stellar track record in industrial settings, Mitsubishi...
R 7,963.74
Mitsubishi FR-D740-160-E12 7.5kW Solar VSD
Introducing the Mitsubishi Pump Drives: the pinnacle of innovation and reliability in solar water pumping technology. Crafted from the esteemed FR-D series of industrial drives, Mitsubishi's pump drives are engineered with precision to cater specifically to the demands of solar...
R 8,420.28
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