Goodwe Smart meter, 3-phase, 120A

Solar PV Balance Of System

GoodWe's Smart Meter is a device that has been designed with a compact and precise design. This design allows for easy operation and installation, making it user-friendly. The meter is versatile and can be used in both single-phase and three-phase grid systems, enabling it to detect voltage, current, power, and energy accurately. It is also compatible with inverters, including SEMS systems, which are used for effective energy management. The meter's modular design further enhances its flexibility and allows for easy expansion or customisation. With its ability to collect precise data and its straightforward installation process, the GoodWe Smart Meter provides a convenient solution for monitoring and managing energy consumption efficiently.


Weight: 450 kg

Dimensions: 40 × 90 × 70 mm

Goodwe Smart meter, 3-phase, 120A
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