Solaredge RS485 SPD plug-in for 3-phasease inverters (5pcs)

Solar PV Balance Of System

SPD Plug-in for RS485, for Three Phase Inverters


Protecting your RS485 Communication Lines:

  • Protects the RS485 transceiver from electrical surged, such as lightning
  • Easy connection to the RS485 terminal block in the inverter
  • Compatible with all SolarEdge three-phase inverters
  • Can be added to existing installations without having to redo the RS485 wiring



Design: SPD Plug-in for RS485


Model: SE-RS485-SPD2-K1


Surge Protection Device configuration: 1-pair = Shielded


EMD: IEC 61643-21/ EN 61643-21




Mechanical data


Max. Load current (IL) (mA): 300


Max. frequency (MHz): >3

Insertion loss (db): <1


Connector type/wire cross section (AWG): Screw terminal/0.2-1.52


Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 91 x 37 x 15




Electrical data


Nominal line voltage (V): 12


Max. DC operating voltage (V): 15


Nominal discharge current (In) 8/20μs Test x 10 – C2 Category (kA): 5


Max. discharge current-max. (Imax) withstand @8/20μs by pole (kA): 1 5

Impulse current(limp) 2 x 10/350μs Test – D1 Category (kA): 1


Protection level (Up) (V): 70




Ambient conditions


Operating Temperature (˚C/): -40 to +85


Protection Rating: IP20/IP65 inside the inverter / NEMA6P

Solaredge RS485 SPD plug-in for 3-phasease inverters (5pcs)
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